Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Eating In" Room

A good time with my family and friends almost always revolves around food. Creating an enjoyable, fun place to eat is important to me.
Our family makes a big ado for holidays, birthdays and even a theatrical debut in a school play. For any family event; food is always planned, prepared and feasted on until a pant's top button needs to be undone.
My friends and I have recently started, "Game Night". This is a night when each couple will bring a course of a planned meal to our house. We will then chow continuously through the evening until the wine bottle runs dry or we become tired of Taylor beating us at every game.
Today my ideal-at-the-moment dream house tour is being led into the dining room/breakfast nook. House Beautiful provides several images that are absolutely gorgeous; always making it hard to narrow my pick.
While I'm not crazy about the coral and blue for my personal dining room, I do love the brown walls. The brown has a way of making the space feel warm and inviting. The "twig" looking frame is a keeper too.

I want my breakfast nook to feel clean and alive. Make me feel like I've had 10 cups of coffee and I can run a marathon after 5 pm on a work day. These color choices are bold and beautiful. I may need to mix in some more masculine touches if I can even begin to get my hubby to go for this but I do love it.

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