Friday, November 4, 2011

head first

Taylor bought the Moroccan Oil that I keep hearing about.

My stylist didn’t have any when I got my hair did the other night after work, but she had L’Oreal’s mythic oil and I’m sure they’re about the same thing. She put it on my hair dry and I loved it so much I bought some. She had a holiday pkg that came with poo, a conditioning masque and a bottle of the oil. I’m not a huge fan of the poo bc it comes in a smaller bottle than I like and you don’t get a good soapsud lather (that I love) but my hair is soft after the poo rinse and I suppose that’s all that matters. However, the masque and oil are amaze balls.

I stopped by Ulta to get my concealer. I love Benefit’s Erase Paste. I wear the FAIR 1 shade and swear by this stuff:

And then I noticed they’re moisturizer’s packaging. I needed to stop by the Chanel counter to replenish my empty jar, but I couldn’t help but notice Benefit’s skin care line (and that it was ~$40 cheaper). I decided to give it a whirl and picked up a jar to take home. I really like everything about it except for the smell. I don’t like obvious perfume-y scents and this one seems to have one. It could be a much cleaner, softer scent. Maybe I’ll write Mrs. Benefit and tell her just what I think.

TGIF ya,'l! Have a good one.

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