Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend update

Lee had drill this past weekend and I had guests from Houston! Mal and James kept me company while Lee was gone. We had fun at the game and experienced a (minor) earthquake all in one day.

At first I thought we were just having a heavy wind storm. Earthquake was the very last thing on my mind. I had just climbed into bed when Cooper sat up in a startled position and took off to my nearest armpit. The wind went crazy and stuff started to rattle. Being in tornado alley, I assumed it was just a heavy wind storm??? When it finished, I got up (carrying Cooper, of course) to check on Mal and James. Mal informed me that it was in fact an earthquake and I reacted with a “Hmph, well I’ll be darn.” And that was that. Coop and I went back to bed (where he stayed snuggled in my armpit the entire night) and my phone rang-it was Lee.

It was a great lazy Sunday. I watched lots of stuff on DVR, took a nap and did a load of laundry. When Lee got home Sunday evening, I had only managed to shower and change my pjs after Mal and James headed home. The three of us (Coop, duh) climbed into Lee’s truck to go hunt land to build our dream home on when he returns from deployment. Searching for land to buy has become a go-to activity when the mood strikes. When it got dark we stopped by the Braum’s near our house and got a chocolate shake. Mine was dinner and Lee’s shake was his dessert after he finished off my leftover Chinese food from the night before.

Lee says during his next drill there is a family briefing that I am to attend. Briefing? What briefing? What am I being briefed about? The last Army briefing I went to was during his OSUT training. I got a POA and drilled about insurance crap. Maybe FRG will be there. Do I care about FRG? Maybe I should. But to be involved I would have to drive 3 hours to a mtg, right? Maybe they have a FB page. If not, maybe I could start one. What if no one likes me? Who wouldn't like ME?! What should I wear? Lee said it will be casual so not to worry. Again, what should I wear?

You should know (if you don't know already) that I really love chandeliers. I believe that lighting sets the mood for the exterior and interior. So why not do chandies in clusters?! Sign me up. I've got this idea up my sleeve as I get my inspiration boards together for the dream home.

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