Wednesday, November 16, 2011

holiday cards & such

I ordered my Christmas cards today. I always order from Tiny Prints and they have their holiday cards 20% off + free shipping today! Woot Woot! I get the photo card style each year and hope to do something fun with them one day. I might start a large coffee table album to set out during the holidays as our Christmas history grows. This is our 4th Christmas as a married couple and we started doing Christmas cards only when we got married so my history pile is somewhat small.
As a kid, I remember always looking forward to getting Christmas cards in the mail and loved the ones with photos so you could see the smiling faces of loved ones that you may've not seen as often as you would have liked throughout the year. Remember folks, this was before facebook, etc. Anyway, photo Christmas cards are my favorite and part of my getting rev'd up for the holiday Season. THIS chica over at Enjoying the Small Things thinks so too. Her Christmas history photo card stockpile is way bigger than mine and pretty neat too! I'm well on my way.
Now. Whoa! Let's slow our roll and enjoy Thanksgiving. The months are turning into days and going fast enough already. No need to start skipping holidays with my boo just yet. We're having our turkey dinner with Lee's family this year (we rotate Thanksgiving). I'm wanting to bring something to impress and I'm thinking my granny's famous cranberry salad or this pie (recipe, HERE):

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