Thursday, November 17, 2011

this & that

My Nina (Dad's mom) is 82 years young today.

I'm officially ready for NOLA, just need to throw my pile into a suitcase. O and I ended up returning THAT grey and white striped sweater to GAP. Just didn't fit the way I wanted it to with my red pants. I wanted something more like this:

I did find a shortsleeve striped sweater at the JCREW outlet yesterday to wear with it instead. I'll take plenty of pix this wknd. Promise!

I priced some flights for Lee to come home and me to go to him when his starts training. I'm going to try to work it out where we get to see each other at least 3 times during his training. That would be a trip to Houston where we'll meet for Mal's wedding in Jan. A trip home for him mid Feb. It's looking like airfare is on the high side in March so that month may get skipped. I go to him in April and then he's back home in May! Fingers crossed for cheap air.

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