Wednesday, November 23, 2011

step 7,436,231,928

Def not getting one but today I do have an uncontrollable urge to tell you that I want this:

I mentioned selling Lee's truck, HERE. Well, we've got it sold. Dropping it off tonight and signing the paperwork, etc. We got what we wanted for it and I'm so blessed we were able to do so quickly. I feel like there are mucho steps when preparing for a 1st deployment. Everything is incredibly new and scary not knowing what to expect. I know we're making the right decision to sell the truck seeing how it will only depreciate each day he is gone but I'm weirding myself out by being sad about saying bye to Lee's wheels. Silly girl. We're one step closer to this launch and it scares the HELL out of me. Wish we could trade the truck in for some bigger balls for me. I see so many military wives that make this life look like a cakewalk. Think they're eating their Wheaties?
Anyway...I made the cranberry relish last night! It looks delicious. I'm going to taste test tonight. I gotta make sure it's fit to eat, right?!  I couldn't last night bc it had to gel/mold/chill in the fridge overnight.
Looking for a hairDO for Thanksgiving? I stumbled upon A Beautiful Mess and found a cute beehive tutorial that involves a loofa. I'm giving this a shot: (I'm going to buy a white loofa and use some old natural colored pantyhose in lieu of the fabric they suggest. I think that will better match my hair)


Lindsay Swoboda said...

Hey girl, sorry been M.I.A. for awhile because we just went on a vacay to thailand (see? mil life can equal fun trips and fun spots to live along with all the strife..) but you are right, there is a lot of strife..and some may rock it like its easy, but it is NOT. I think a lot of that comes from two very different types of women. Some are fiercely independent and looking for new challenges always...and it is HARD to take the back seat and let your husbands career be the lead (this is how I imagine you and I are) when you are still looking to be personally fulfilled and THEY chose the military life, not you it can be hard to support the lifestyle...hey, just putting it out there bc I'm finally not afraid to admit it. And then there are those that just wholeheartedly love the ride of military life and love their husbands and are totally content with it all. Neither way is right are fact I sometimes envy those that just "cake walk it" because I wish I could be better at it...but I can say over my few years of doing this that It. Gets. Better. After this first deployment, you're going to get into a rhythm, you're going to know all this scary stuff that's out their and meet it head on. You can do this! Do you have any bases around you? support groups? I went to a few courses at a base near me that really helped bc they broke down mil

Lindsay Swoboda said...

(ha ha too long) Pt 2: life for me and I just feel knowledge is POWER. It helps to know the system that you are entering, and that thousands of other spouses have made this happen, and you can too. No class? This book is amazing: Married to the Military by Meredith Leyva. Great info and great advice. I hope these comments aren't too intrusive. I guess I just know I was in a very similiar situation as you when my husband joined the USMC..and it was hard to get started. But you can:)

Erin said...

Thank you thank you thank you for your wise words. This is all very new and I don't know too many other military wives just yet. I have a briefing next wknd with his unit so I'm hoping to meet some people and get some new info. I know that will put me a bit at ease bc I am a very detailed oriented person. Not being in control of this is driving bananas. I will def be checking out the book you mentioned too. You hit the nail on the head about there being 2 different breeds of military souses. We sound so much alike. I'll be checking out your blog this wknd to read all about your trips. Hope you ate some turkey today:)