Friday, October 7, 2011

vroom vroom & texas still sucks

Hey local pals, you know anyone wanting to buy a truck?

We're selling Lee's truck. We've only had it for a couple of years but it's not worth holding onto if he's not going to be driving it for 15+ months. AND we just put new wheels on it since the old ones were stolen under our nose! The only reason I would fight to keep it would be to deter bad guys from breaking into the house by leaving it in the driveway but that's an expensive deterrence, right?! Plus, I trophy myself as a bad arse with a gun now. The funny + innovative idea we have is that if his truck sells fast than Nana is letting Lee drive her car so that we don't have to car pool with our 1 car until he leaves for his training. Smart and funny, huh? Nana is a young 94 but her car sits in her car port, I'm looking forward to seeing Lee drive Nana's car and I'm sure Nana is too. TeeHeeHee!

I plan on sock'n away that saved dough to for-real build a house when he gets back. Maybe I can use that amount saved to buy THAT double oven for the new house! However, during his training I'm sure that mula will be buying plane tickets so we can see each other every chance possible.

I'm no longer in denial that this isn't happening. This all is becoming too real as we are no longer making deployment plans but acting out our plans now! Wowzers. Lee and I are great planners but he is a better actor. Like turning our plans into action. My own little action figure. One of my favorite qualities about hubby is that he doesn't only talk about plans, he takes action and make things happen. Sexy Sexy.

Big plans this weekend? OU/TX game, duh!


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