Tuesday, October 25, 2011

game face

Over the weekend Lee and I went to the OU game to watch our Sooners get beat. We lost our fantastic #3 ranking and it was so sad but in true Sooner fashion-I still love them. There were 3 thirty minute delays due to the ugly thunderstorm before the game finally started. Not that we minded too much because we were with Mallory and James in his family's suite on the 50 yard line in VIP!!! I didn't know it was possible to make an OU game more fun, but it was sooo much more fun in a box. Brisket was for dinner followed by all kinds of snacks in the 1st half. 2nd half brought queso, spicy nuggets(funny inside story) ice cream and giant pretzels. Did I mention there was a stocked bar? Folks. This was better than Disney Land. Lee about poo'd his pants when I told him where we were going to sit at the game. We had an absolute blast laughing at one another while throwing temper tantrums when a pass was missed or intercepted. We love our Sooners.

Cute Mal almost too nervous to watch. She had her shades on too;)

Mine and Mal's toes watching everyone clear the field. Defeated.

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