Monday, October 31, 2011

weekend update

Garage sale went really well. I made $239! I don't remember what our final total was as a whole but I think it was around $700. Not too shabby for a 7-2 work day. Well, I say 7 but it was really 6! The moment we opened the garage door to start bringing stuff out onto the driveway, people were pulling up to the house carrying flashlights because it was still dark outside!!! We couldn't believe there were so many early birds.
After the garage sale, we had more peeps over for the game. So glad we won. I have to admit that I was in and out of sleep in the 4th quarter. I was gung-ho all day and cheered through the 1st half of the game but halftime made me sleepy while cuddled in a warm fuzzy blanket and a full tummy. My boo cakes and Taylor's pumpkin whoopie pies were delicious!

And the wainscoting was finished on Friday!
Before (previous home owners):

I vow to take better pix with my big daddy Nikon soon but for now, here's an iphone pic:
I would like to do something different with the curtains in the room, but I still haven't figured out what that is yet.

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