Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend update

This past weekend was a nice one. We went to my Little's wedding Friday night and it was so good to see her. It had been too long. I swear she looked like wedding Barbie but with cowgirl boots. Her colors were pale pink and grey. The maids and men were grey suits and dresses.
Before the wedding:

Lee and I managed to get to the gym and take Coop for a run over the weekend. We also enjoyed the OU game Saturday night, but we did skip out in the 3rd quarter to stop by our favorite burger joint to cure our starvation. 62-6 was the final score. Boomer Sooner! My pride for our Alma Mater is funny to watch apparently. Lee always gets a good chuckle when he sees me get teary eyed holding my finger high up in the air as we (OU FANS) sing OU's Alma Mater. Its hard NOT to get a wave of emotion at the start of any OU football game. The crowd is intense, fireworks, horses, The Pride..."There is only 1 Oklahoma" video before the game...

On Sunday we took Cooper with us to pick out a couple four pumpkins for his BIRTHDAY. Our baby is 3. Lee gave him a new bone in the morning, we called him "Birthday Boy" all day and chased him around the house trying to steal his bone. He wouldn't chew it but only tote it around in his mouth with his chin up as if he was carrying a trophy or the prize duck. Silly goose. Yes, we are just now getting around to our pumpkin carving event as mentioned HERE.

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Lindsay Swoboda said...

I'm so glad you were able to check out my blog! And glad to have you as a fellow bloggin buddy:) The game looked like a blast, made me miss my family crowding around the t.v. screaming for Ohio State together!! Your friend looks GORGEOUS in her wedding dress, and I'm glad your lil baby toted his prize about, savoring it:) Have a great day!