Monday, October 17, 2011

weekend update

This past weekend was a fun one! Lee got our awesome new alarm system installed on Friday and he’s pretty obsessed with everything it can do. Lee and I started the weekend off by going to Lowe’s and loading up on gardening soil and peek moss when I got home from work. Later that night, I got some snuggle time while catching up on our recorded TV.

On Saturday, I passed out pansies at my sorority’s house on campus. The alums sell flats of pansies for their annual fundraiser and I volunteered for pick up day. I’m trying to get more involved and it was a gorgeous day to be on campus so I didn’t mind at all. The actives (college gals) were so sweet to stop and chat, talking to them made ME want to be a young college kid again. I felt like an old fart and found it funny because all through college I could not wait to be an independent adult and to have a real job. I loved college, but man was I busy. It was nothing for me to carry a full semester of classes and work over 40 hrs a week. Passing out flowers, I started thinking about all my buddies I met in college and after. Not just buddies but lifers. Friends you have for life and tell all the in-between to, ya know?

THEN! I went even further down memory lane by driving to our buddy’s home town to watch his high school alum football game. Taylor made her famous enchiladas and we sipped her mom’s famous margarita recipe (Tastes like yummy lime juice with oranges!) before heading to the stadium. We cheered and watched Jacob scored the only touchdown for his team that night. It was a hoot. There were 3 ejections (due to fights), someone dislocated their shoulder AND another broke a collar bone! We spent the night at Taylor’s folk’s home and I swear walking into the house I was thinking, “This house should be on the cover of Southern Living.” It had a glamorous lodge type feel. An iron chandelier hung from the high ceiling on the front porch and giant moose antlers were centered above the front door. Dang. I should have taken a picture!!!

We headed home Sunday morning and we got busy in the yard. Lee mowed while I planted 2 flats of pansies and 20 tulip bulbs! I also got some twine to tie up our pretty yellow mums that came back this year. They were getting top heavy and splitting down the middle instead of standing full and round so I cheated with twine and now they look TV ready. Lee finished his chores a lot sooner than I did and headed to the gym but he gets to spread all the mulch when we get it. It took me a good 3 ½ hours to get all the planting done. When I finished, I went and got a pedicure. My callused feet needed one bad. So bad, that I might go back this weekend for another one! I try to go every 2 weeks but I’ve been a slacker. I really need to start caking on the lotion at night and wearing socks while I sleep. High heels to work and just being simply hard on my feet isn’t doing any good, but maybe lotion-y socks will help????

It was a busy Sunday. After the pedi, it was time to get groceries, cook dinner, do laundry, etc. O and I finally finished watching this week’s episode of Grey’s. This season had me teary eyed every week. If only Derek would stop being a jerk to Mer. Looks like he’s finally starting to come around tho…

This morning I drove 45 minutes to work, pulled into the parking lot, walked into my office and THEN realized I left my laptop at home. I turned around and drove home to get it of course. Crikey.

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Caroline and Sean said...

Derek is SUCH A JERK! I want to shave his head and then punch him! Grrrrr