Tuesday, November 1, 2011

epic fail, NOLA & horses

I've been doing an unusual amount of online shopping, but nothing is the bom.com once I receive it in the mail! My red pants I ordered were too short so I ordered them in another size and in a longer length. The velour suit I ordered from VS (bc they had free shipping the other night) came in the mail and it was too big and the length was too long...the over the knee riding boots fit me midknee (made my knee look like it had a wedgy) because apparently I have long shins (I'm 5'10). So lots to send back to exchange or return. I'm back on the hunt for the perfect tall riding boot.
I'm trying to figure out what I'm wearing to NOLA for Mal's bachelorette trip in a couple of weeks. I'm thinking my red pants one night and my dressy black shorts with tights the other night. But what top and shoes for my tootsies?!
On another note, I really love this image and wish I could blow it up huge (like really huge) on a canvas somewhere in my house.

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