Thursday, November 10, 2011


It is hot in my office today. I mean I have boob sweat and this is ridiculous. I share an office with a dude and we have this fan. When he stepped out, I turned the fan on me and it took him an hour to figure it out. Sneaky sneaky me. We have decided that I am not into sharing and I'm OK with this.

I just found out that I get to coordinate Project Elf again this year!!! I brought the Secret Santa idea to our company for the first time last year and I've been begging my arse off to get us approved to do it again. Super stoked and honored to serve kids in our State's care for the holidays. Tis' the Season, ya'll!

I found some faux leather leggings!
Michael Kors:

I bought them on my lunch break at the new outlet mall around the corner from my office. I saw them a couple of months ago but was a scared little chicken to spend 60 bones on something so edgy but after seeing them styled all over the mags and sweet Pinterest, I found myself dreaming of them. So. I bought them and they were more on Sale Sale. They retailed at $79.50 and then the outlet sale was $59.99 and then they were on MORE sale for $37.49. Score. See here. I am not yanking your chain:

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