Friday, December 2, 2011

bright white

Some may think white Christmas tress are tacky but I haven't been able to keep my eyeballs off of them. I'm a sucker for a whimsy inspired Christmas. I like bright greens and bold reds for our house during Christmas time.


Although I'm not putting up a tree this year or next, it's no surprise that I'm now on a mission to get one in an after Christmas sale. I see at least 3 trees in our home's future and right now we have one. I absolutely love our current one, would love a white one and then we need a MONSTER of a tree one day when I hope to have taller ceilings. Maybe the monster can be the holiday star of the house and be real. Don't you love the smell of a real tree? I remember dad and I having a teeny tiny real one when it was just him and I one Christmas. We planted in the front yard after Christmas and I got to watch it grow like me. Even after we moved, I would get dad to drive by to see how it was doing.
Checkout this white tree eye candy:

Treetopia has a great one!


Lindsay Swoboda said...

ADORE the white tree with the pink background. I've danced my whole life and have GOBS of dancer ornaments, so I want either a big white tree or a silver one someday to put them on! Oh...and sneaky update...I FINALLY signed a contract to work somewhere in S. Korea (mil wife HIGH FIVE). It was a five month process...but may lend me to buying a few more dancer ornaments to celebrate, lol

Erin said...

Aren't they gorgeous?! I love that you're a dancer! I was accepted into my alma mater's theater program but changed my major at the end of my 1st year. I loved it but had time for nothing else and I needed to work. Anywho-during my costume construction class I got asssigned to Swan Lake and I loved watching the ballet dancers not constructing tutus. I could never be that graceful. I have 2 left feet but it's SOOO incredibly cool to watch. Love love love the arts.