Thursday, December 1, 2011

uphill downhill

Lee sent me Just Because flowers to my office yesterday. I snagged a very thoughtful man, huh!? I'm sure only he knows how much of an emotional wreck I truly am as of late, he def helps by making a deposit in the woo'ing department. He sure does know how to fill my love bucket.

Then today, I found a surprise bloom in the middle of the bouquet!!! Neato:

Until yesterday, I haven't been much into decorating for Christmas. Crazy, right? I'm usually out the butt crazy about Christmas. Just look at my December archives. BUTT, with Lee leaving shortly after the holidays-I haven't been consumed by holiday cheer if you know what I mean. I opt out of putting lights on the house exterior, decided to forgo a Christmas tree and our house is not being enveloped by Christmas decor in every nook and cranny. We're simply not home much this month and taking it all down combined with Lee's depature is too much. However, after being woo'd yesterday and hearing that mom has the house back home all doneup just right for the holiday-my Christmas spirit meter started to teeter up a bit. Last night, Lee and I organized a couple tubs (We have 10+ tubs of Christmas decor) of a few holiday things so I can keep them out of the attic and in the garage to avoid getting tubs out of the attic on my own while he's deployed. I put a few things in the kitchen (I like a gingerbread theme in the kitchen...a copycat of my mom.), decorated the mantle and set the dining room table. We're having our friendamily over for a holiday dinner soon and I can't imagine not having an ounce of Christmas in the house by then.
Here's my tablescape inspiration:

Sneak peek: (bust'n out the China)

This just in. ANOTHER officer from the graduating OCS class before Lee got hit by an IED. Happened yesterday. Fortunately he wasn't killed but it did crush his foot and they rushed him to surgery. Again, this hits too close to home. Gosh. Right when things were starting to look up. Scary, huh? Tell me about it!


Lindsay Swoboda said...

I'm so happy you are going to decorate for Christmas!! I was feeling the holiday blues too, and my honey is here with me, but Koreans don't celebrate Christmas with all the spangles and sparkles that a western christmas entails. That and I miss my fam so much I just catch myself weeping over random crazy things...we made popcorn strands the other day..yup, cried over those! I've got to get a Christmas GRIP! The officer thing is scary..deep breath. And when he leaves, I FORBID you to watch the news! Cheers to more Holiday CHEER in your home:)

Erin said...

You can rock Christmas no matter your location! I'm sure when your old and grey the stories you'll have from being abroad will blow your children away. Show those Koreans how we do. haha I've never made the popcorn strands but I think that sounds like a lot of fun! Our guys think we're a big mess with all our holdiay tears I'm sure.