Tuesday, December 6, 2011


After Lee's holiday lunch with his unit, we scaddaddled over to see our friends' new babe. Nate and Morgan live close to where Lee drills so we were excited to meet their sweet Margaret Ann (named after her grandmother but answers to Maggie) for the first time! I got to hold the doll, watch Maggie fall asleep after taking a bottle and smell her stinky diaper. It was extra special to see the dynamic between my dear college friend and her daughter. Their goldendoodle, Norman was a ham for new guests too. I swear he thinks he's human. I didn't think to take a pic while we were there because I was too busy soaking up time with my friend and loving on their Maggie. I stole this pic from her FB:

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Morgan said...

yeah, she's pretty cute. So is that puppy :)Glad we got to see you and Lee!