Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I forwarded a link to Lee and let him know I was thinking about it for my Christmas gift. Low and behold the sweet man ordered it for me and it showed up on our doorstep last week. Excited and a bit embarrassed that I discovered my treasure while Lee wasn't even home to protect it, I tore open the box and pretended it was Christmas morning. (It's really hard to keep a surprise from me.) I loved the touch, the look and especially the gold hardware...but the adjustable strap didn't adjust long enough for my tall torso self and the bag was a bit too big for what I was wanting. I know I could have taken it somewhere to add some length to the strap by use of chain, etc but I ultimately decided that I'd rather have the bag ready to wear for that price and the size didn't have me head over heels. I think this bag is ideal for a professional photographer or traveler that always takes a camera and ipad. What bag: THIS bag in camel has been returned:

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