Monday, July 30, 2012

brass not gold

I'm jamming out to Pandora's Wicked Channel in my office today at work. Every now and then they throw in Rent or The Little Mermaid. You might not know how obsessed I am with theater but you would if your office was next door to mine. Don't feel pity on my neighbors. I'll be listening to rap tomorrow and maybe country the next.

ANYWAY. Today hasn't been too bad for a Monday. I've got my large Sonic drink with extra ice and managed to secure some spray for the shelving unit. I had a brief standstill in the aisle at Home Depot. I'm sure I looked ridic pondering over gold or brass spray paint. I could not remember what color the almost empty can of spray is in my garage that I adore. RUST-OLEUM's brass or gold?!
In comes Little Green Noteboook to the rescue.
I totally googled: Little Green Notebook brass or gold spray paint
And what do you know?! I DID find that she prefers their brass over their gold because the gold sometimes comes off as too pink. Ha!
Problem solved. Thanks, Jenny.

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