Monday, July 23, 2012

weekend deets

I made a road trip to the lake house over the weekend and spent some much needed down time with my parents. We took it easy and relished every minute of the weekend together.
My grandparents came to the lake for dinner Saturday night. Mom made her new favorite appetizer.
(I'm not sure what the name is so I'm going to call it Mom's Bloom'n Bread)
King's Hawaiian loaf of bread sliced like a bloom'n onion (Checkerboard Style)
Monterey Jack slices in between each bread cut
A bunch of chopped green onions
Melted stick of butter drizzled all over (Healthy, right?)
Sprinkled with Poppy Seed
Cover in foil
Warm in the oven for ~20 mins or until cheese is completely melted

Lee text me a pic from a Sick Puppy concert that he and some other guys checked out on their way back to the barracks after dinner. I can't imagine ever wanting to listen to a band called Sick Puppies. Anyway note the old camo, the NEW stuff won't be worn until they are overseas.
I ordered a cute dress from Nordstrom. I'm going to wear it with a super-cute belt with nude heels this summer to work and when it gets cooler I'll wear my new old 3/4 100% leather jacket I scored at a thrift store for 10 beans. Be jealous. I'll get you a pic soon!
To me it's what Kate Spade's casual wear would be like.

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