Monday, July 16, 2012

wknd deets

A slew of symbols came on my dashboard on the way to work! Oil, brakes and tires...O' my! I was able to leave work a tad early so I stopped by to see a mechanic. I flipped through a mag while I waited. That moment you open the magazine and see something that looks familiar:
Lucky for me, I just needed an oil change and they said my brakes were only due for service (that's why my brake lamp came on) but they were still in good shape. They said nothing was wrong with my tires. I think they were just ready to close down for the day or completely forgot to address my tire issue. I knew something was up though because one tire had gotten down to 20 psi earlier that day.
That night I got a random pic of Lee. Gosh I love him so much.

The color run was colorful...and hot! I sucked hot air the whole time. I should have drank more water prior to the run because I wasn't feeling too great running in the heat and the only drink station they offered was 1 after the halfway point. By the time we got to the drink station they didn't have any water iced down so they handed us mini HOT water bottles. mmmmmk. Not cool in this heat.
Nonetheless, I'd do the run again because it made for some super cute pix with my tiny tot bff, Taylor.
My pal Morgan sent me this false alarm.
I was bummed when she confirmed it was a premature announcement but at least I can always count on her radar for celebrity my tidbits.
That night we (Jacob, Taylor and I) met at Nick and Kristie's for game night. They made the best Indian tacos and we laughed at each other a lot. Like a lot-a lot. I heart game night with my friendamily.

Since I drive a good 45 min to and fro work everyday, I was bound and determined to get a second opinion in regards to my tire. I went to our go-to neighborhood tire place and what do you know?! They found a huge nail in my tire. Womp womp womp...BUT they didn't charge for the patch since I buy my tires through them. Awesome!
By the time I left there it was time to meet my buddies Kimberly and Kristin for lunch and a movie. Kimberly is teaching at a new school this coming year so she's been busy decorating her classroom. I'll try and get a pic of her room when she's done! Kristin just got back from vacay so she still has that vacay glow. Post pix ASAP, Kristin!

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