Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend deets

Lee came home with a fever of 101.5
He scurried to see a doc. They gave him a prescrieption and commanded him to rest. He did but not for too long.
I grabbed some grocueries and some matches for my antinquing find from the previous weekend with my MIL. I forgot to show you my cute little elephant thing I found.
He was $2 and is my new match holder now. I would have preferred red tips but couldn't find them at Target. I might use her for toothpicks instead and find something else for my matches. To be cont'd.
Right now she's parked behind my sink. If I ever find a credenza or bar cart I like, she'll head to the dining room.
We had his sendoff/deployment ceremony. Boo hiss, I know. We woke up super early and followed one another on a 3 hr road trip to get there. His soon-to-be 95 year old sweet Nana has been letting Lee drive her vehicle the last few months so we could go ahead and sell his truck since he won't be needing it for the next year...his nephew drove the care back to Nana's and Lee went home with me for a few days of R&R. It's official. He won't be needing Nana's car.
We had a Mexican picnic on a blanket on our living room floor for dinner.
Lee was feeling better but exhausted still. We napped, ate and watched movies. One of those movies included our wedding video. We decided to watch it every 5 years and since he's likley to be away on our 5 year-we watched it. It was so embarrassing to watch my ugly cry as I read my vows, fun to watch our friends celebrate us and bittersweet to see Lee's dad on screen knowing we lost him less than a year later.

Today I am amp'd up to kick somebody in the arse. Ha! I've dealt with some real winners today...Overly cocky men with a male ego the size of Russia and the brain capacity of an ant. I dare respond to their ignorance for fear of regret. There's really no telling what might come out of my mouth. This week is already going to be hard, I don't need to make it more difficult.


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Jessie Hales said...

I love the green tips on the matches, I think they match the elephant perfectly! Although red tips would have suited it as well. But seeing as most of the colours surrounding the elephant are green, I think the green matches were a good choice.