Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I'm trying to create little moments around the house and how funny it is that I think the toilet should be one of them!
I bought "Unicorn Country" from a local shop (but you can get it HERE) and got it back from the framer yesterday. I love a bit of humor in decor anywhere I can get it...even in the toilet region. The naked peeps were my souvenir from Italy when I was there for Jacob and Taylor's fabulous wedding. The bowl is a vintage favorite that was originally owned by my dad's granny. It has a bold floral orange pattern on the inside that I just love. The polishes are a collection of favorites I like to have in hands reach since I keep all the others in a container under the sink. Anyway, I'm not done yet but I like where I'm going with it:

Go on and create your own little moments...or Precious Moments. Whatever your heart fancies.

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