Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one pill in

The pillow I ordered from Pier 1 arrived yesterday.
  1. It was poorly packaged. I could see the pillow inside the box when I brought it into the house from the porch. It was taped that good...(sarcasm)
  2. The pillow isn't quite what I thought it would be in person. I love the embroidery and the colors. The dots are actually a deep plum instead of the brown I thought I was seeing on the website. Pictures can be deceiving but I like the plum. What I don't love is the green leaves stitched to the embroidered flowers! I think it cheapens the pillow. The lady that sold them to me over the phone never mentioned FINAL SALE so it can't be returned and she didn't include a receipt in the box!
  3. I'm going to stitch something onto the leaves to amp of the design. I really do love everything about the pillow other than those dumb leaves.
  4. Won't be ordering by phone with Pier 1 ever again.

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