Wednesday, July 18, 2012

southern hospitality

Before I jump to topic, I have to share a picture of my son. He really likes TV and he's usually more entertaining than what is onscreen. Ignore the unfinished styling of our dresser:
Sometime I feel like Lucy when I get a new idea for the house. At least this time it doesn't involve paint.
No. It's the dang coffee table. I can't make up my mind. Obviously. THIS isn't THE first POST.
Now that Wisteria's acrylic table is back in stock, I've realized I don't love it enough to bite the bullet on THIS price. Then I got to thinking that I'm not too sure I would even bite it if the table were on sale. I just haven't found exactly what I'm wanting. Sheesh. I must be the most indecisive coffee table buying person on the planet.  
My feet are my dilemma too!
I really like to prop my feet up. I'm a southern gal and I just can't see an acrylic table welcoming my feet in the most used space in our house. I think I could see myself totally putting acrylic in a den or office though...because I really do love that style. Like a smaller waterfall VERSION that's a lot easier on our wallets.
So you ask, "Erin, what the heck are you thinking about getting now?!" Glad you ask because I'm happy to tell you that I'm going to get a tulip coffee table with a marble top. It's a happy combination of everything I've been wanting. In the next month or so I plan on making the purchase. Girl Scout honor, I won't mention coffee tables until then.
Here's a mock up of what it should look like in our space.
I like the round table idea a lot since everything in our living room seems very spared off. AND I love it enough to make a commitment. 

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