Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tuesday rambling

I had dinner with my Dad after my mani/pedi appointment last night. My Dad is so great. He's a gentle giant and always makes me feel 100% better about everything. Speaking of giants in my family...I'm writing this down here so I can remember it later.
At the lake this past weekend we got to talking about my dad's relatives. My Grandpa's dad had 5 brothers and they were all over 6'5. Dad told a story about how my very petite Nina (what I call my dad's mom) almost dropped him right after he was born! Apparently Nina had not met all the brothers and as she was rocking dad one of the 6'8 brothers came into the house to visit and scared her so much that she almost dropped dad. She tells the story that the uncle  had to duck to get in the doorway because he was so tall and doorways were a lot shorter back then. She had never seen anyone so tall.
After dinner with dad I went home to finish my 3ft of wall decor I'm sending to Afghanistan with Lee. It's full of pix, quotes, snippets of famous speeches and lyrics. I'm finished and now it only needs to be laminated. Lee is coming home for that 4 day pass before they go overseas, remember? I'm going to roll up my creation to pack in a tube and give it to him during his pass. I've collected a TON of cards from family and friends in a large envelope to give him also. I'm going to secure them really well so he's not tempted to open them before he gets to the sandbox. I think by doing so it'll give him something new to see and lift him up when he's missing home. I know he has no time to read this blog right not so I'm not worried about posting this little peek.

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