Friday, July 27, 2012

single girl no-no's

Funny read about how single ladies should NOT decorate their home. So does this mean my pink guestroom is OK becasue I am married? bahahahaha
Read Single Girl No-No's HERE
Today I am consumed with so many random thoughts. This is me:

Gosh I need to pee.
I wonder where I should buy exposed brass pipes.
I am so into brass fixtures these days...
Can't wait for Lee to come home so we can build a home.
And have a baby us.
I miss Lee so much.
This being apart thing sucks.
This sucks so so bad.
I wish I could skip ahead 9-12 months.
Erin! That is the most selfish thing you could say. There are people dying. Be thankful.
I'm so blessed. I have such great friends.
Can't wait till football season so everyone migrates back my way for the games!
I need to add some red to my wardrobe for game attire.
Texas Sucks.

Have a great weekend y'all and let the Olympic games begin!

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