Monday, July 9, 2012

wknd deets+

The plus is for the weekend before this most recent one back to Thursday(if that makes sense). I'm slow to annouce a few happenings for security reasons so bare with me...

We had Lee's Deployment Send-Off Ceremony. For realz people, this is happening! OMG. This seems so surreal. Something we've talked about for 8 months and now the time is's just weird.
Nonetheless, we had 22 supporters show up to support Lee and I both! We.Are.So.Blessed.
Lee and I got the chandelier up in the bathroom!
Lights off:
Lights on:

With the exception of a couple formation check-ins, Lee had been home for R&R since his ceremony. Lee had to report back @ 9am and then stay the night at a hotel with all the other Soldiers. Spouses were allowed to stay with-so of course I did!!! We took off to his unit soon after dropping off our fur baby at sweet Taylor and Jacob's house.
I did some shopping to waste time while Lee did his thing and then picked him up for lunch to meet up with his Mom and Nana.
He had another dumb formation after lunch and then we grabbed some ice cream before heading to the mall to piddle.
We went to a popular Mexican restaurant near our hotel (and saw a lot of Soldiers there with their spouses). We both ordered food but neither one us had much of an appetite. Weird, right because we love food?!  Ha!

The alarm went off @ 5:15am. Lee ran downstairs to grab breakfast and came back to our room to eat it while I stared at him. Creepy, I know. I had decided to say bye to him in the room to avoid the overly dramatic goodbye in front of the buses with everyone else. BUT as I sat there by myself after he left the room, I couldn't stand the thought of him downstairs without me. I grabbed my hat and ran downstairs looking like a bed bug to find him.
And the drama did unfold. I watched one-by-one as each Soldier's name was called out of formation to get on the bus. Lee's name of course was way down the list...
I chased after him to give say bye one more time and took this pic right before he turned around to get on the bus.
I was back in our room staring at the ceiling feeling sorry for myself when I decided to jump in the car and drive home. MUST.STAY.BUSY is on repeat in my head all the time. I was in the car by 6:30am and home the same time Lee reached his destination.
I got a mani/pedi and just lounged around the rest of the day.

I got groceries. I did laundry. I watched chick flicks. I slept and slept some more. It was nice.

I had brunch with my sweet buddy, Taylor. We had girl talk and then I checked out Pier 1 around the corner to see if I could find one of the pillows I posted HERE. No luck so I ordered it by phone from a store that did. (The floral polka dot one.)
I got a better pic of the rug for ya too:

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Jessica Oatman said...

Pray your time go by fast and you will remain busy throughout!! hugs.