Thursday, July 19, 2012


Lee is an engineer in his civilian life. He can code or rig something like it’s nobody’s business. He’s quite the innovator.
My mama and I have a joke with Lee. Whenever we need him to fix something or we get an idea for a project we simply tell Lee that he should “just engineer something right up”.  

For the next month Lee is sharing a huge bay that is full of bunk beds with a ton of Soldiers. You can imagine being surrounded by people 24/7 would become quite the nuisance. So it was no surprise to me when Lee “engineered something right up” to remedy his loner requirements for his own space.

To create a wall around his bed he took the liner of his poncho and secured it to the bunk above him.
From Amazon he ordered a magnetic tripod that fastens to the metal springs above him and connects to a flashlight to give him light in his “room”.
He bought these from Amazon too:
And set them up to provide more reading light.  Note the electric fan and surge protector he packed to take with him just in case! Man thinks of everything.
He said last night everyone was giving him a hard time when they saw he received another box from Amazon. His new nickname with his buddies there is Lieutenant Gadget. Ha! 

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