Friday, May 4, 2012

home sweet home

Lee made it home much earlier than I expected he would yesterday! In fact, I was running errands for work yesterday morning when he called to tell me he had just reached our city limits! I hadn't called him when I left the house because I had assumed he would be sleeping after driving late into the night. The little toot said he only stopped twice to take two 30 min naps at rest stops on the way! You think he was ready to get home or what?!
I was headed to my office when he called so I pulled off at the nearest exit and waited for him. I only saw him for about 5 mins but we totally made out in my car. He headed home to shower and then sleep until I got home from work. He was all tuckered out from the long drive. Obviously.
He sent me this video of Cooper welcoming him home.
Cooper: "I will check you out and then smother you with kisses."

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