Monday, May 21, 2012

weekend deets

Everything on the home front is busy as all get out. We're just trying to stay afloat and keep our eyes on the target, ya know? My target being a year from now when I can breathe easier.

We headed South for the lake house and had dinner with family. Birthdays or I should say any celebration/holiday is HUGE in my family. Per tradition for birthdays, the Birthdayee gets to pick out the meal/dessert to be eaten. I so graciously shared my birthday celebration with Lee since he'll miss his birthday dinner. We jointly decided on my dad's special charcoal-grilled steaks. Sides chosen were mom's salad, twisty garlic bread sticks and cheesey jalapeno taters. I requested Grandma's homemade chocolate ice cream and Lee selected thick caramel chocolate brownies. It was all so yummy.

We pretty much woke up and drove back home. Lee has insisted on spending as much time as possible horizontal on the couch in his underwear for the wee bit of time that he is home. And I am happy to obliged.
We gathered groceries and a toilet. I wasn't kidding HERE when I mentioned getting them replaced.
I got all of our pictures back from the photographer from THIS shoot. I am so glad we did that. They turned out great and they are really special to us both. I def wanted something fun to stare at while Lee's deployed and we got just that. I'll post more this afternoon so I can upload more in one post.

The TV man came SUPER early to fix some cable so that our DVR would start working again in our bedroom. I escaped to a guestroom and slept the morning away while Lee took care of that. What can I say? It was raining cats and dogs. Best time to sleep. Ha! All funnies aside, it's incredibly nice to have Lee home and helping out around the house.
My buddy, Kristin, had a Pampered Chef party that afternoon. I had never been to one so I didn't know what to expect. My aunt loved Pampered Chef and insisted that I get some food chopper if I went. So I did. I got a couple cooling racks, a cookie scoop and a their large stoneware pan too.

Now a big Happy Manic Monday to you!

I plan to share NYC tidbits throughout this week to not bombard you all at once.

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