Thursday, May 24, 2012

new throne

First of all...this kid makes it really hard to make the bed in the morning and leave for work in a timely fashion. He looked so cozy this morning. I wanted to snuggle in next to him and go back to sleep.

Lee is flying through his honey-do list before he leaves. I am excited about our new toilet. Yes. I said that.  The toilet is all shiny and unused. I know I'm a weirdo when I say that I get joy out of the fact that no previous family has used our toilet.

After the excitement of the new toilet lessened, I came to grasp with the fact that I need to freshen the paint on the wainscoting as this tank is more narrow than the old one. In true Erin form, I decided to not only freshen the paint of the wainscoting buy change the brown wall color too! I painted my 1st coat last night and I like it a lot. Of course I'll share a pic when everything is done.

I took a break and ate a sandwich on the back patio to let Coop chase squirrels. I swear 5 different butterflies landed on me and one of my fingers. They must have been hungry. I was able to get a pic of one. This one appears to be going after my sandwich:

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