Thursday, May 3, 2012


Growing up my parents would tell me to clean my room. Even in high school-To me this meant that I needed to dump every drawer in the middle of the floor and rearrange the furniture in the entire room. Maybe this is where my love stems for decorating and making a house a home??? I remember my dad’s eyes would get HUGE when he would check on me. Seeing me sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by toys and clothes he’d say, “You better clean this up before your mom gets home!" Ode to high school and how I'm feeling today:



Given my history, it's no surprise that Lee will be home today and last night I just finished getting the house Erinfied for his coming home. I had a list of chores I wanted to get done around the house from laundry to mopping and I finally got it done.
Before I started my chores...I rearranged the furniture in the pink guestroom. I just can't help myself. I'm in the process of making it more eclectic and not so shabby chic.
I also recovered the lampshade for the other guestroom that I mentioned wanting to do HERE. I think it turned out pretty fab.

Lee started his 16 hour drive home after graduating yesterday. It was a small event so he insisted on me not making it a big deal and flying out there, etc. I have no idea what time he will officially be home but I hope it's today!
And now I can just soak it all in when he does get home without needing to empty the dishwasher...

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Lindsay Swoboda said...

I totally hear you! I may not re-decorate like crazy, but I always have to really INVOLVE myself in cleaning the place, usually the night or morning before he gets back! And in the process I'll start going off on side projects...:)