Wednesday, May 30, 2012

o poot

The new chandy has shipped but gets here the day Lee leaves so it won't get hung anytime soon. Crikey. Maybe Lee will have time to get it done when he comes home for a couple days of R&R before he heads to the sandbox...At least I get it before I leave. Yep. I'm heading out again.
I've been planning my 10 year class reunion for a bit now. Yep. I was that girl in high school. Ha! Class officer pic:

Kinda stinks that Lee heads out the day before but I'll grin and bear it on my own.
I'm hoping to wrangle someone local to head up our next reunion. It's not hard but it's not easy to coordinate when you live miles away, ya know?

The next day I'm catching a flight to the beach for my cousin's wedding. Solo again! Grrrr. But it should be fine. I'm sharing a spare room with my grandma in the condo that my parent's are renting for the wedding. It's the same place we stayed when I was a kid on Summer vacations! Super excited about getting sand between my toes, reading/sleeping in the sun and seeing my cousin walk down the aisle. I've already been told that I better bring my camera so I reckon you can count on plenty of pix.

I bought a few suits. I can't find a digital image of one of them right now.

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