Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This could have been a clip from an episode of the office.
I have to share an awkwardly funny story that just happened down the hall from my office.

So my buddy at work just came into my office to share a weird encounter he had with the new female assistant our boss hired. We'll call her Amy and name my buddy Brad.

Note: Brad is a happily married man with a new baby at home. Everyone in the office knows this. He has had maybe 5 conversations with Amy. If even that. We really don't have much to do with her since she is on the opposite end of our building. We all thought she was going to be "normal"
until this conversation...which consequently pushed over the weird edge.

(Stopping and taking a step into Brad's office.)
Amy: Hey, Brad. Do you have a sec?

Brad: (In the middle of getting a quote together for a customer but goes the polite route.) Sure, I guess...

Amy: Have you been gaining weight?

Brad: Uh...um...not that I'm aware of...

Amy: O. Well, you shouldn't wear those jeans because they make you look fat.

Brad: Uh...(Dumbfounded.  Long silence. Not sure how to respond.)

Amy: Good talk. (Amy exits Brad's office.)

Weird right?! OMG. If the table had been turned and he had said those things to her, HR would be all over that! That convo screams awkward on so many levels. Brad said if anything he had lost weight since he ran a 1/2 marathon last weekend!
Just thought I'd share. I got a REALLY good laugh after hearing the normally fashion forward confident Brad tell me the story. Can't wait to hear what his wife says when he meets her for lunch today! Bahahahaha!!!


charmaine said...

Lol! Really awkward!

Erin said...

I know, right?!