Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today is Lee's graduation day and he heads home from his MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) training. Woohoo! What a long ride this one has been?! I'm not sure I will be able to concentrate much at work today...

I asked Lee if he feels ready to lead his peeps in the sandbox now. He gave me a solid absolutely. That makes me feel good but seems so weird, right?
He is really going to Afghanistan.
We are really doing this.
He will be leading other Soldiers in combat.
Holy smokes. That's big.

I was thinking about what I would say if he were to ask me if I'm ready for this deployment. My brain says yes. My heart says no.
I'm beginning to see what this military wife strength is all about. Although I sometimes feel like I'm on the verge of falling apart, the sun always comes up tomorrow and I'm one day closer to being in his arms again.

 I can only imagine what this next year will hold. So much has happened since he left New Year's Day.

Jan 1 he left for training. What an emotional month that was. Especially when I received my first minutes from a FRG meeting. THAT was the worse. I took an early lunch after reading the email and CRIED like a baby to my MIL over the phone.
I READ a trilogy with my friends and recently STARTED a new one.

I had my car repaired after my car OVERHEATED and died on me while on the interstate.
GOT Invisilign.
CELEBRATED Valentine's Day with friends.
I MADE the Military Spouse Top 100 Blog List.
I ate In and Out for the 1st time AND went to our pal's Super Bowl party solo.

Figured out how to make a FUN BUN.

Our closet FLOODED.
Heaven gained two beautiful people from my family. I wrote about it HERE and HERE.
Lee got a GROSS small pox vaccine.
I painted our doors a high gloss black in THIS project.

SCHEDULED a photo shoot.
MADE no sew striped curtains.

MADE a couple pelmet boxes. I must have been on a window treatment kick, eh?
I FIXED a toilet!
Survived a TORNADO.
Got a baby goat and named her DAISY.

RECOVERED the seat of my new vanity.



Amber said...

You really know how to accomplish some major things on your own. You are one awesome lady!

DESIGNmyheartout said...

I want a baby goat!!!

Erin said...

My grandpa has her brother the runt too. I named him Eugene:)