Friday, March 23, 2012

friday fun facts

I FINALLY get to use my Hunger Games movie ticket this weekend that I purchased over a month ago! Woot Woot! So excited.
I spied and secured a Gianni Bini dress at Dillard's that I want to wear in THIS photo shoot or at least one of the outfits anyway. I had to order it from the store since they didn't have my size in stock and it's no longer available on their site. Trying to decide if I want to wear a belt with it and what shoes etc...

My order says the dress color is blood orange. Weird. Nonetheless, looks like my Hunger Games peeps rocked a similar color at the Berlin premier:

Banks loves the color so much that she wore it again at the LA premier. These leading ladies nailed the COLOR OF THE YEAR.

Speaking of BLOOD orange...Lee's small pox vaccine site is bloody horrid. The doc checks it daily and swears it's getting better. I beg to differ. I'd share a pic but I'm afraid you'd think this isn't that kind of blog. But then I got to is too. I share everything so look away if you're a sacredy cat. If not, scroll down.
Part of prepping for deployment:

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charmaine said...

Watching hunger games tomorrow too! Yay! I feel bad for Lee. Hope it gets better soon! Have a great weekend! Charmaine