Monday, March 26, 2012

weekend deets

I scraped the heck out of the windows on the new high gloss black doors in the office. I'm done with the razor and now I just need to touch up. Yay! This is a pic from my phone that I sent Lee. I'll take a more jazzy one with the Nikon once I buy a chair and decide on the rug.

I haven't put the cow hide back in there yet because I'm thinking about ordering a rug that I have fallen hard for:

Looks very much like LGN's sold out Ikea version, no?! I have always loved how good her rug looks styled under that credenza/dresser piece and have searched high and low for a similar version. I think I found one if not the exact same thing!

I used my month old ticket and saw the Hunger Games. I liked it. I thought it was very much like the book (not usually so) and the cast was really spot on great. I'm curious to see what those that did not read the books think after watching it.
I haven't read or seen Harry Potter or any of the Twilight movies/books so I felt out of my element getting in line 1.5 hrs early to get a good seat. I kept telling myself that I wasn't crazy and that I am a perfectly normal avid reader that enjoys seeing books come to life. Ha! If necessary, in my defense I will add that we ate lunch at the diner inside the theater while we were waiting too...
Kristen and I excited to finally be in our seats:

Cooper I went for a lot of walk/runs too. I took a snippet to text Lee. He loves to run with Coop.

I had brunch with my buddy Taylor. We LOVE breakfast food. There is a great somewhat new place in town that we're a bit obsessed with and tend to frequent as much as possible. Taylor was telling me about all the yard work she was doing and all the pretty flowers she potted and what she was planning to do next in the flowerbeds later that day. Her Spring fever made me hightail it to Home Depot to get my Spring on. I could spend so much time looking at flowers. It's a bit like decorating the exterior, no? I ultimately decided on low maintenance goodies this year.
Happy Monday, y'all! The weather is great here and it feels like an even better week is ahead!

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