Monday, March 5, 2012

weekend deets

My buddies and I had dinner and did a little bowling Friday night for Nick's big 3-0!!! I know Lee would have loved to have been there. I'm getting really good a being the 5th wheel but I'm looking forward to NOT being one. Ha!

I painted one of the guest rooms white on Saturday. Not finished yet but I'm liking the progress:

I took another pic of the entry too:
I painted one coat of paint and then washed up to head to Kaden's 2nd birthday party. Kaden is Nick's son whose party I went to on Friday. His mama, Kristie, has a birthday on St. Patty's Day! Big month for them, huh?! (Nick and Kristie's anniversary is also in March!)

Random. I ordered a mermaid bottle opener from Pottery Barn. It was $8.50, free shipping and I love mermaids. Why not?

I picked up groceries from Target on Sunday and found foo dogs!!! Shut the front door. Do you know that I have been saving foo dog links to my favorites from all over the web?! I've been scowling to myself for waiting too long to by the coveted orange ones CB2 had before they sold out. $9.99 each at Target. Sold! In my cart and on my mantel now. So excited. I'm not done styling the mantel but this is them:

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