Monday, March 12, 2012

weekend deets

I did a lot of driving this past weekend.
I drove to my MIL's house on Friday night. Saturday morning we got up and looked at the condition of her rent house. Her previous renters left it in a mess. Ridiculous. BUT I get to help her beautify it and I'm excited about having another project to keep me busy. It was neat to actually go into the rent house. For all the years that Lee and I have been together it has been occupied. I finally got to tour the house Lee lived in growing up. After my tour, we went antiquing and I snagged an $8 antique bust!!! Seriously. I was tripp'n. So excited. Eventually I want to display mine like something similar to this:
But I'll prob use it in the living room for now to add another eclectic layer of random.

Later that afternoon I headed West to see my friend Chelsie to celebrate her birthday. She wanted to eat at a local Mexican restaurant, go "glo" bowling and stop by the Hard Rock Casino. And we did. I'm a HORRIBLE bowler but it was a fun time.
If you want to be my friend, you must know that I am the girl that will ask for a sombrero to salute you on your birthday. Just a heads up.
Someone bought her this crazy $26 drink at Hard Rock:

Lee's friend Alberta is growing. He sends me a picture each day of his new friend. We're on day 4. Gross.

I should finish the curtain project tonight. I hope to post pic tomorrow. I'll show you my inspiration pic for an idea of what I'm doing:


charmaine said...

That's a great bust find! Can't wait to see the finished curtain!

Erin said...

8 bucks!? Hard to beat that:)