Wednesday, March 7, 2012

if lee were a cartoon

Lee's allergies are going crazy again. I guess it's just that time of year again. He had to go to the medical unit the other day to get some drugs to clear up the snot. (I might be allergic to the Army right now. Whatcha got for that?)

Lee said slyly and with a smile over Skype last night, " would be proud of me! I bought this on sale! Just like you always do." (As he holds up a new MacBook Pro laptop.) I couldn't help but laugh because I suppose I do say that a lot...

We were going to get him a new puter before he deploys because the engineer in him can't have the same tech-y equipment for more than a wee bit and he's been wanting a Mac. No point in waiting to get it since his departure date is only months away now. However, this does mean the Sony laptop is up for sale if any locals are interested.

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