Thursday, March 1, 2012

white out

I'm so proud of Lee. He has so much on his plate but he's scheduled yet another class to work towards his MBA. Talk about an ambitious man! That's so hott. (to me anyway)
He's able to take classes online while in training and during his deployment. When he returns from his deployment he'll have earned his MBA and another expensive piece of paper!

New project! I'm painting our guestrooms white. I was going through my inspiration files and a majority of the rooms are neutral! Or...with wallpaper and I'm not investing in wallpaper when I know we plan to move after this deployment. I'm liking a clean minimalist white room more and more. I want those rooms to be neutral when we go to sell our house. Painting them now will give me something to do and save me time later. I'm obviously in no rush. I'm going to start with one bedroom and go from there. I'll keep our bedroom blue fo sho. I can't imagine moving all that heavy furniture and I like the soft blue a lot.  AND I had left over tile that I can take back to Lowe's. I plan to put that credit + military discount towards white paint! Now I just need to narrow down a paint color. Have you seen how many white swatches there are?! O' lands! (as my grandma would say)

I'm crazy excited about getting busy cleaning the mess the tile guy left. OCD, no? I feel like the grout is good and dry by now. I hope to stop by Lowe's on the way home and get busy cleaning shower tile and taping bedroom walls to paint! House projects give me a weirdo thrill. #iammyowndecorator


Charlie and Stacy said...

I love white walls/rooms, too! I used to not like it, but now I'm a fan. Unfortunately, until we move I'm stuck with our beige walls :(

Charlie and Stacy said...

Black walls are also starting to grow on me!