Friday, March 9, 2012

friday fun facts


No. It's not that Lindsay appears to be wearing a onesie. It's just that Lindsay Lohan has RED hair again and this makes me happy! Alert the masses. I am a fan. Don't hate.
After watching her SNL performance, my friends and I have decided that she still has a ways to go to reel us in but she def had millions of viewers hooked judging by SNL's preliminary STATS on their audience for this season. I told my friends that it's not like she's ever had a super trivial role anyway. Parent Trap? Mean Girls? I'm hoping she gets her strength from her hair like Samson in the Bible so she can go back to giving me my favorite cheesey movies. Am I stretching?
She's got some tough competition with Emma Stone. Love me some Emma. Whom could easily be her Parent Trap twin....I did think it was funny how Emma was referenced in one of Lohan's SNL skits.

Stunning is Cameron Diaz in her NEW ad campaign for Tag watches. She has us ooh'n and awe'n but are those arms real?

Girl is fit and makes me tired just thinking about how much she must work it at the gym. BUT her arms have been a bit too buff (if you ask me and you're not so I'm saying anyway) as of super recent. She looks much more feminine in the new Tag ad (shown above) that I love.
The Tag images were most likely taken days if not months ago so who am I to say they are photo shopped?
See below as she leaves the gym Feb. 28th and presents at the Oscars Feb. 26th.

I noticed my Pottery Barn box on the porch this morning as I was backing out of the driveway. Remember I mentioned ordering her HERE? I jumped out, grabbed the box and opened it when I got to my office. Love her.

Lee had to get his predeployment vaccinations yesterday for Anthrax, Small pox and Typhoid. Lee gave me the skinny on what the doctor said about his small pox vaccination and I about lost my lunch. And that's why I'm going to share it with you! (evil laugh evil laugh)
Receiving the vaccination: If the small pox vaccination is successful, a red and itchy bump (The size of your thumbnail. Lee and I are going to name it Alberta.) develops at the vaccine site in three or four days. In the first week, the bump becomes a large blister, fills with pus, and begins to drain. During the second week, the blister begins to dry up and a scab forms. The scab falls off in the third week, leaving a small scar. Gross me out!
Post-vaccination care: After vaccination, it is important to follow care instructions for the site of the vaccine. (Lee was given a care kit.)  Because the virus is live, it can spread to other parts of the body, or to other people. The the live virus in the smallpox vaccine may cause rash, fever, and head and body aches. Complications could be very severe. Yikes!

Lee was given strict instructions by the Army doc to avoid infection to himself or to someone else during the next few weeks as Alberta heals. Good thing he's doing this while he's away from home! Scary.
He is to not have sex. (No problem there. Ha!)
No hugging, shaking hands, etc.
Use a separate shower if you share a living quarters with a spouse or roommate.
Do not combine your laundry with anyone else to share a load when washing your clothes.
Do not touch your face and avoid watching porn...(I thought that instruction was kinda funny.)
And those are only to name a few of the doc's orders!

In training today, they (Lee's class) are supposed to work on combative skills but Lee can't participate bc he can't touch. Ha!

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