Wednesday, March 28, 2012

rug is here

I ordered THIS 7'6" x 9'6" rug from Rugs USA and mentioned my discount I scored HERE.
I was a big rug ordering virgin. I had never ordered a rug at this magnitude so keep your chuckles at a minimum...
I made a mistake by dragging it from the porch and through the entry and into the living room. I then determined that this heavy giant was going to be too big to open in the living room. So I took her to the hall. I desperately wish that me maneuvering this heavy giant by myself had been captured on video.

When I got the rug to the hall I started cutting through the packaging. It was packaged very well. I finally found the rug under 3 layers of protection. I do appreciate that. I was impressed. But now what?

Some crazy Superman strength came over me and I was able to drag, tug and twist the rug into the guestroom from the hallway. Again, I have no idea why I didn't just take the rug straight from the porch and into the guestroom from the beginning. Nonetheless, I found myself in another pickle. How was I going to get this heavy thing to unfold and lay neatly under the bed?

I got creative with an ottoman. Don't hate. Still, it wasn't giving me the lift I needed.

In the end I took the bed completely apart.

After getting the rug spread out and set perfect, I realized it was not perfect. It was too long and was up against the dresser.

I blame my very new found love for giant rugs for my reason of not measuring first.
I gave my muscles a pep talk and then started to twist and tug again by turning the rug 90 degrees. I found that I liked the rug much better this way and started dressing the bed again. Thought I'd show you a surprise that you see when you pull back the covers. A quilt Lee's 94 yr old Nana made for him when he was little guy!

Awe...big sigh of relief. Much better.

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