Tuesday, March 27, 2012

wink wink

It's hard having your Soldier away when sadness strikes your homefront. I get so angry at Lee for not being here. Then I hate the Army for taking Lee away from me. Then my sanity comes back and I'm OK again. To remind me that "this arrangement" isn't forever, Lee sent me a cartoon via text this morning on his way to PT (physical training). Silly boy.

I'm booking airfare today to head SE for my grandpa's funeral.
I got distracted yesterday and didn't tell you that we booked airfare for a trip to NYC when Lee gets home in May! We're really excited to get away and do some fun things together before he deploys. We'll be there during my birthday too! I've already made a list of things to do. This is Lee's 1st time to NYC so he expects me to show him the town. Ha! Which is funny because I have NO sense of direction and will rely 100% on my phone's GPS. The only NYC requirements he has is to tour Ground Zero (his motivation for becoming a Soldier), MOMA and he wants us to go to a show on Broadway for my birthday. I love theater. I soaked up fine arts growing up and sometimes regret changing my major from theater in college. O the glory days...I wanted to be many things growing up. These things included becoming a purple bunny, a ballerina and part of the cast on SNL. I so desperately wish I could get us tickets to see SNL live while we're in NYC but I hear that is extremely hard to do. Our only hope will be standby due to our arrival, etc. Fingers crossed. We are for sure seeing Wicked and my all time favorite musical, Chicago.

New rug gets here today!

It should be on my porch after Coop and I get back from his vet appointment this evening. He has allergies and the doc insists she needs to see him before she refills his meds. Dumb. We go through this every Spring...Last night I was teaching Cooper to wink. Ignore his wild hairdo, we just finished playing outside.

I'm back to finding focus on what my next project should be since I feel like I should pinch some pennies for a bit. I'm thinking about our closet. And doing something on the cheap...More on this later. I'm still pondering:/


charmaine said...

So sorry to hear about your grandpa.

Erin said...

I really appreciate it. Thank you:)