Friday, March 2, 2012

hair puller


I wish the Army was a BIT more prompt on reimbursing their Soldiers. Lee is supposed to be reimbursed for his living quarters, food, etc while gone. Apparently "any day" our funds should be deposited into our account. It's been 2 months and we're still waiting. Meanwhile, I'm paying our mortgage and his rent. Ridiculous.

I got home and scrubbed the heck out of the shower. I grow more infuriated by the minute that tile dude left the bathroom in an icky condition when he finished tiling. After the water dried, I noticed that there is still more to scrub but I decided I would wait until I buy a new scrubber because the one I was using obviously wasn't getting the job done...I officially suck at finding good contractors. Tile dude was nice and great to work around my work schedule but I still feel cheated and nice doesn't cut it.
I'm hoping the new grout darkens a bit because it does not match the existing grout. Crikey. I'm going to do some research and see if I can stain or darken it somehow if it comes to that. I am NOT calling tile dude back! Other than the shower floor, I did manage to clean the heck out of that entire bathroom. I sanitized floor to ceiling in there. I was down on all fours to antibacterial wipe the entire bathroom floor and baseboards once I was able to get all the gritty stuff cleaned up. Icky.
I'll take some pix after the scrubbing is complete...
I also vacuumed the heck out of the house. I heart my Dyson. So much dust and grossness happens everywhere when you're having work done in your home.
After all that, I only had time to clean out one of the guestrooms and tape the walls to prep for paint that I mentioned doing HERE before going to bed. I plan on buying Benjamin Moore's famous Decorator's White paint on my lunch hour and then I'll go to Lowe's to get my paint supplies! Woot Woot!!!

Local radio station posted this photo on their FB page today. Makes my heart skip a beat and puts everything in perspective. We are blessed folks, remember that.

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