Friday, March 16, 2012

o shoot

Photo shoot coming up!
I've made an appointment for Lee, Cooper and me to get family pix done before Lee deploys! This photographer shot our engagement and my bridal portrait too. AND guess what? He offered to shoot Lee's Homecoming for free. He said it was the least he could do since Lee is sacrificing so much. Wow. I was so touched and so holy smokes that is awesome. Of course his Welcome Back Homecoming is a loooong time from now but still-AWESOME!

I'm wanting to blow a couple of these soon to be take images up insanely large and hang them in our bedroom on a canvas. I def want to see Lee's face in every image. Let me know if you see anything that we should try. Whatever we do, our furbaby Cooper will be in it too! Here's what I'm liking so far:
Something fun with balloons...

Something cozy with a blanket...

 TGIF Y'all. I'm going to see 21 Jump Street with my homies tonight.

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DESIGNmyheartout said...

LOVE that you'll have his homecoming photographed! That will be amazing....I like the blanket images, super cute.