Monday, March 19, 2012

weekend deets

21 Jump Street was really funny. Def go see it.

I painted the French doors glossy black just like I said I would. Do not tape the windows if you attempt this at home. I did tape the front side of the first set and then after I peeled off the tape-I had to paint again because the tape peels the paint! BUT by not taping, you then have to razor the edges and get all the paint off the windows. High maintenance. That's where I'm at now in the process...razoring the edges. I was pretty busy on Saturday messing with those doors...Can't wait to show you a pic because it looks like a completely different room to me and I love it!

I managed to get some new hairy shoes. I just know they'll be super cute with everything. Leopard is a neutral. Totally.

And a red Shellac manicure...

My parents surprised me by coming to town to buy new patio furniture for the lake house. They purchased a table that seats 8 so they brought the horse trailer with them too to haul the table and chairs home. That's how we roll in Oklahoma! I had dinner with my parents and then I dropped Cooper off at Jacob and Taylor's house. They're super sweeties to watch our fur baby because I'm flying to PA for work today.

Happy trails, y'all!

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charmaine said...

They look great! And I love your new pair of shoes!