Wednesday, March 14, 2012

new project: high gloss

It is imperative that I stay busy to keep from getting crazier than I already am. Everything going on in Afghanistan is in my head and I'm having a hard time turning my imagination off. I was an only child. I can't help it. I had nothing to do last night and I felt like a complete disaster. Like a lonely swan.


Since replacing the sliding glass doors in our office that lead to the back patio, I have been meaning to paint the new doors white. Right now they're that manufactured white that simply doesn't match the french doors that lead into the office. BUT since reading Amanda's post yesterday, all I can think about is painting both sets of doors a high gloss black. I'm really digging the idea.
Here's a before pic from our realtor prior to us moving into our home:

And now:

If you look close, you can see that I need to touch up the paint where I previously hung curtains to hide the ugly sliding glass doors. I'd love to find a larger rug too but I can't decide what direction I want to veer. Still looking for a desk chair so I can put the breakfast nook chair back where it belongs but you already knew that...

Speaking of black, I have been hoarding these images that prove I obviously have a thing for high gloss black accents:


charmaine said...

I love me some high gloss black! Now, I'm thinking I need to paint our front door high gloss black too!

Mallory said...

What about a glossy navy or midnight blue?

Erin said...

Do it Do it, Charmaine!

Mal-love the navy idea but ur too late. I may have bought the paint already on my lunch hour...eager beaver much? haha