Friday, March 16, 2012

look 4 less: elephant side table

Soo ya know how I mentioned wanting an elephant side table for the GUEST ROOM that I recently painted white for THIS story board?

You know the one with the THESE new no sew black and white stripe curtains? Well. I got one.

I didn't get one HERE for $545.00.
I didn't get it HERE for $199.00.
Not HERE as a table top version for $49.95.
I got it HERE 50% off for 24.99!!!!!!!

I haven't been to Garden Ridge in months maybe even a couple of years and it is just down the road from where I work. I decided to go browse during my lunch hour and  I stumbled upon Dumbo. He's made of a dry stone so I can totally paint him white and he'll easily be just as fabulous as the trunks above. Can't wait to get my trunk out of my trunk when I get home. Har har har...

This is my guest's new side table:


charmaine said...

Wow, that's a great find! I have been eyeing a wicker elephant table on craigslist for the kids' bath. I might just have to get it!

Erin said...

I saw a wicker elephant basket I was thinking about getting for the laundry room/clothes to take to the dry cleaner but now I think it may be too much elephant in one house...haha