Monday, March 12, 2012

dumb ass

Pentagon officials feel like they got punched in the gut. Me too.

I rarely watch the news as of late. Gearing up for our 1st deployment is scary enough. I don't need the news telling me bad things about the war and giving me rated R thoughts. But low and behold the 10pm news came on directly after a show I was watching last night.

So when I heard THIS headliner on the news I bellied over and called Lee.
Gives me IBS. Gives me anxiety. Makes me's like an out of body experience. To see something terrible happening before your eyes and have no control over the outcome is sickening.

I'm literally sending the one thing I love most in the world to the unknown. You would be stupid to think things are going to cool down soon in Afghanistan. First THIS and now another dumb ass move has been made. Crikey.

My "very reliable source" told me something that you probably won't see on too many news channels:

After the burning of the Qurans became widespread news in Afghanistan, a lot of locals were obviously outraged. (This is exactly what the Taliban wants. THIS move def played into their favor.) Protesters had taken our flag and were about to burn it when a local Afghan police officer confiscated it and ran for his safety. The flag was returned to U.S. Troops without being burned.

This is an ANP (Afghan National Police). The only difference between this guy and an insurgent is that he chose NOT to believe the Taliban propaganda for whatever reason. It is important for us to remember that a war needs to be fought for there are still good people in Afghanistan that believe America's priority is to help them not hate. I only hope that this officer feels the same way after these recent shootings.

God bless our Soldiers that are there right now. God bless their families too. I just can't deal with what thoughts that they must be thinking right now. I need to go shopping.

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